When in doubt, list.

I´ll be honest, I don´t really want to update this blog right now. Everything still feels largely scattered and huge and mixed up. So I will do what I usually do when I feel like something is unmanageable but necessary: make lists.

Things I have done for work so far

–          Visited and interviewed 5 different churches/organizations which are part of the ISP (Sanctuary Peace Churches)

–          Visited and talked to 3 different victims in la Ceja

–          Written out a plan for a first big encounter of the group of displaced people in the Ceja

–          Talked, asked questions, spent a lot of time with Pastor Faustino

–          Emailed various people I think can help me wrap my head around what I´m dealing with here

–          Spent some frustrating time starting to learn html, giving up, and spending time trying to see if a wordpress blog would do the trick for an ISP website.

Things I have done for fun so far

–          Gone to a very big, very loud concert with an acquaintance, made another acquaintance

–          Gone to a friend of a friend´s friends´birthday party. No joke.

–          Walked/metro-ed to various parts of the city by myself

–          Cooked

–          Watched Human Planet (once with Dhira)

–          Had Dhira henna my hair


Things that have disturbed me

–          The unfolding news of how the DAS (national administration governmental office thing) ex-director was working with the paramilitaries

–          Under then new Victims´ law people displaced or attacked by paramilitary groups are not giving restitution because, clearly, the paras no longer exist. They are now ¨Bacrim¨, criminal bands, not covered.

–          The continued assumption by all church institutions I´ve seen here so far that homosexuality is so clearly wrong it´s not even a conversation.

–          How comfortable I am as I pass people sleeping under garbage bags.

–          A small boy crying that he had been robbed turning out to be a ploy for a kind passer-by to stop and themselves get robbed by others

–          The sheer quantity of small worms that somehow took over our kitchen the first week

–          My ability to care so deeply about my own social vacuum and times of loneliness given all the truly disturbing realities and news around me.

Things that give me joy and hope

–          The enthusiasm and good work of the people I am meeting

–          The view from my porch

–          Human Planet

–          Calls from friends and family

–          Dancing

–          Clair de Lune by Debussy

Tomorrow is the International Day of Peace, declared by the United Nations and to be celebrated in the Ceja. I think it would be a great day for calling a senator or two, don´t you? If you´re wondering what to say I suggest:

– Ending military aid to Israel and Colombia

– Not signing the Free Trade Agreement packages that include Colombia

– Anything suggested by Witness for Peace (see link on my sidebar)

I promise the next post will be more prose-y and interesting…

Happy peace day, folks.


About Magelette

I use too many parentheticals, tend towards run-on sentences, and am a terrible self-editor. That being said I'm honest to a fault and fairly easily enchanted, so if you're into that, read on.
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2 Responses to When in doubt, list.

  1. Mark Andrew says:

    Don’t try to learn HTML and code your own site! It costs money, and wordpress/blogspot and all those are free! Plus it will suck your life away. I spent a semester working with it, and I only consider myself to have rudimentary knowledge.

    More importantly, I’ll be keeping you in my prayers! You’re dealing with a lot, but you have great potential, energy, and I know you’ll be able to learn a lot, and contribute a lot to your community. I miss you, dearest friend! Maybe we should skype sometime?



  2. Jen CD says:


    List away! I know that in some of our hardest times, we resort to the basics…basic thoughts/basic feelings/basic food/basic music…the stuff that feeds out souls….you are being exposed to so much, so quickly, and that can be confusing and difficult, but remember that your presence and witness is a gift to so many Colombians and also North Americans who are going to read about your experiences and open their minds and hearts a little bit more to the realities here. Your spirit is bursting in transformation. Embrace it. Take care. Thinking of you!

    P.S. We are watching Human Planet too!!! And we all love it!

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